Reading an image helps also timing is a key element
Reading an image helps also timing is a key element
The Exposure Triangle in wildlife Photography

Only way to learn photography is with hands-on practice, important for beginners.
Reading a camera manual I believe is the absolute no go way to learn to improve your photograph’s.
Join Cliff Norton B.A.Hons for practical hands on skills training, for a morning or afternoon capturing bird images at Rutland Water.
Become one of many students over the years to have benefit of Cliffs photography, why not join one of the small numbers of beginners on his mentor program. The basic photography techniques taught to beginners’ built up from proven in-person photography lesson plans designed by Cliff.
Photography is all about enjoyment the more you enjoy the more you benefit getting away from all the programs modes, learning to read the basics of light management and picture framing.
Aperture amount of light, which provides either shallow or large DOF (depth of field)
Shutter Speed amount of time light enters the camera to either freeze or blur motion
ISO light sensitivity which affects detail and sharpness, increasing noise the higher the ISO the higher noise and grain within the picture.

A perfect exposure creates the perfect image is the balance of all three elements

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